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Dr. Cicely Roche

Associate Professor (Pharmacy)

Academic Developer (TEP) (Academic Practice)

Cicely Roche's career as a pharmacist has been largely in community pharmacy, in Ireland and Ontario, in both management and ownership capacities, although her first two years post-registration as a pharmacist were spent working in Quality Assurance at LEO Laboratories in Dublin. Her key interests are in the areas of Ethics and Professional reasoning, Reflective practice, ePortfolio for experiential leaning, Higher Education curriculum design, and Programme-Focused approaches to assessment. Her PhD (2016) explored the development and evaluation of moral reasoning competencies in pharmacists, i.e. abilities underpinning decision-making through the ambiguity inherent in professional dilemmas (Roche & Thoma, 2017). She continues to research approaches to curriculum design that scaffold participants' development of competencies that support ethically defensible decision-making through ambiguity. Dr Roche's current research explores the adaptation of this approach for use in Academic Online Modules associated with in-service placements for 4th year pharmacy students (Roche et al, 2019) and in Interprofessional Learning (FHS Dean's Innovation in Teaching Award 2018). Cicely joined the School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences as an Associate Professor in the Practice of Pharmacy in 2009 (Half-time) Cicely has also worked as a Trinity Education Fellow/Academic Developer with the Centre for Academic practice (part-time) since 2016, during which time she has led on e.g.: (a) a multi-institution development of digital badges in Programme-Focussed Assessment, (b) TCD staff development initiatives on 'Reflecting on and evaluating teaching in Higher Education' and 'Embedding Reflection in the Curriculum' and (c) TCD profiling of assessment practices. She Joined the TCD Education for Sustainable Development project, as a Fellow in ESD, in May 2023. Cicely was awarded a Provost's Teaching Award in 2015, and holds an MEd in Higher Education Teaching & Learning (Roche, 2014). She also holds MSc Degrees in both Healthcare Ethics and Law (Roche & Kelliher, 2009), and in Community Pharmacy. She continues to work part-time as an employee Community Pharmacist. She is a past President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) (2001 to 2003), chair of the PSI Fitness to Practice Committee (Health)(2009 to 2019),founding chair and member of the Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association (Ireland) and a past member of the Boards of the Irish Medicines Board (IMB now HPRA)(2006-2011) and the Irish Centre for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (ICCPE) (2004-2012).
  Business Ethics   Moral reasoning competencies development   Neo-Kohlbergian theory   Pharmacy   Professional Development and Reflective Practice   professional Identity Formation   Professionalism and Ethics   Programme Focussed Assessment   Technology Enhanced Learning
Details Date
MPharm Integrated Programme Academic Online Module year 4 Implementation Group Lead (TCD/ UCC/ RCSI Collaboration) 2018- ongoing
MPharm integrated Programme Academic Online Module Development group (TCD/ UCC/ RCSI collaboration): TCD representative 2016-2018
Chair, Fitness to Practice - Committee of Inquiry (Health), Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland 2009 to December 2018
President, Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland 2001-2003
Irish Medicines Board (Board Member) 2006 -2011
Chair, Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association 2010-2013
Chair, Joint working group PSI/ICCPE/HSE/DoH, Engagement of pharmacists in Joint Continuing Education initiatives 2008-2012
Irish Centre for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (Board Member) 2004-2012
Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland: Accreditation Standards development (Level 8, Level 9 and 5-year integrated programmes)... Joint TCD-UCC-RCSI nominee to the Expert group. 2010-2015
Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland - Core Competency Framework Development Group 2011
Asthma Society of Ireland Medical Committee 2002-2016
President, Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland Benevolent Fund (Reg. CHY) 2004-2012
Director, Pharmacy Bevenvolent Fund (Reg CHY) 2012-2013
Director, Gorey Educational Trust Ltd (Reg. CHY) 2003 to current
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FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) Ethics Advisory Group. Established 2023. 2023 current
Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland 1984 current
Reviewer, Journal of Business Ethics 2011
Member of the Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association (Ireland) 2010 current
Member of the Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association (UK) 2008 current
Reviewer: Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 2017 current
Roche, C., Abria, L., Farrell, O., Johnston. J, Penny Light, T., McKibben, A., Reast, A., & Yancey, K. , ePortfolio for experiential learning: guided by theory, cultivated by students., International Journal of students as partners, 2023, Notes: [accepted January 2023 - pending publication], Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Kelliher, F & Roche, C, The role of ChatGPT in business ethics education: friend or foe., Irish Academy of Management Conference 2023, Galway, 22nd-24th August,, 2023, Notes: [Best overall Conference Paper IAM Conference 2023, and Best Paper in 'Teaching and Learning: Educating future Leaders and Managers' Track.], Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Presenting author: Cathy Cunningham, Authors (alphabetical order):Dunamis Akinyemi, Laine Abria, Anna Bourguignon, Thomas Connolly, Blanaid Daly, Claire Donohoe, Tamasine Grimes, Rachel Harnett, Bhavya Mugawar, Mary O'Neill, Eimear Ni Sheachnasaigh, Cicely Roche, Vidushi Sharma, Isabelle Stratton, Kathleen Yancey., ePortfolio for Experiential Learning and Competency-based Assessment in Undergraduate Healthcare Professions' Education, "Body and Mind in Health Professions Education" - InHED Annual Scientific Meeting - , Belfast, 28th-30th March 2023, 2023, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Roche, Cicely; Jameson, Grainne; Gardiner, Clair, Assessment of graduate attributes: priming for & observing elective vaccines debates., Let"s Talk About Assessment 2023: Rethinking Assessment in Higher Education, Croke park, Dublin, 30th January, 2023, edited by Quality & Qualifications Ireland , 2023, Poster, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Dr Rangariroyashe Chipika, Dr Tamasine Grimes, Dr Cicely Roche and Dr Emer McGowan, Authentic, Innovative and Feasible: Designing Assessments for a New Module, QQI, Let"s Talk About Assessment 2023: Rethinking Assessment in Higher Education, Dublin, 30th January 20233, edited by QQI , QQI, 2023, Notes: [], Poster, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Jonny Johnston, Pauline Rooney, Caitriona NiShe, Jade Concannon, NIcola Byrne, Cicely Roche, Surfacing academic integrity via authentic & integrated assessment, Let's Talk About Assessment 2023: Rethinking Assessment in Higher Education, Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin, 30 Jan 2023, 2023, Poster, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Kearney, Maeve; Roche, Cicely; Poole, Claire., Promoting Professional Judgement through peer debate in radiation therapy undergraduate curriculum, Technical Innovations & Patient Support in Radiation Oncology, 2022, p11 , Notes: [PII: S2405-6324(22)00041-5 DOI: Reference: TIPSRO 187], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Roche, Cicely; Abria, Laine; Bourguignon, Anna; Clarke, Leonie; Connolly, Thomas; Cunningham, Cathy; Daly, Blanaid; Donohoe, Claire; Grimes, Tamasine; Harnett, Rachel; Mugawar, Bhavya; Ni Sheachnasaigh, Eimear; O'Neill, Mary; Ramkalawan, Krista-Marie; Sharma, Vidushi; Stratton, Isabelle; Yancey, Kathleen. , ePortfolio for experiential reflection: student-led competence assessment., Strengthening strategic partnership to effect system change: QQI 10th Anniversary Conference, Dublin (Croke park Conference Centre), 18th October 2022, 2022, Notes: [The use of ePortfolio as a student-led learning tool which documents development while on experiential placement is a common purpose of ePortfolio in a higher education context. However, ePortfolio use for competence assessment in health professions' programmes remains limited. This project partners with students to position ePortfolio as an approach to assess the competencies of future health care professionals by exploring how student-constructed ePortfolio might enable assessment of competencies for students on placement in Pharmacy, Medicine, and Dentistry programmes. This approach builds on a 2021 initiative wherein two pharmacy students collaborated with mentors to explore how ePortfolio might effectively address learning and competence assessment challenges associated with remote placements. Key findings introduced for student partners and mentors starting placement in August 2022 include training on ePortfolio practice, avoidance of 'performative learning', and evidencing competencies relevant to placement. Ongoing mentorship by Prof Yancey and the team will support students as they develop, curate and share their evolving ePortfolio in early October. As the pharmacy students undergo formative assessment of relevant competencies in early October, they are the focus of this poster and actively engaged in preparation of the poster for QQI Conference. ], Poster, PUBLISHED
Johnston, J.; Rooney, P.; Ni She, C.; O'Darrell, C.; Roche, C., Podcasts: taking educational enhancement conversations online? , Irish Learning Technology Association/ 'EdTech' annual conference, University College Cork , 26-27 May 2022, edited by ILTA review panel , 2022, Poster, PUBLISHED
Roche, Cicely, 'Prescription' for Purposeful Adaptation of Professionalism-and-Ethics Teaching Strategies for Remote Delivery. , Pharmacy, 9(1), (55), 2021, p1-13 , Notes: [], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Roche, C, Can we teach professional judgement and reasoning? Experiences from research and practice. , A professional update day for academics and pharmacy trainers, Birmingham, England, 9th September, 2014, Notes: [Invited speaker.], Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Roche C., Grimes T., Conscientious Objection by Pharmacists: Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, 2013, IPU Review, September 2013., 2013, p20 - 22, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Roche, Cicely, Online assessment incorporating reflective practice and teamwork: Technology-Enhanced Learning in the final semester., EdTech 2013, University College Cork, May, 2013, Notes: [Invited speaker URL to video: ], Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Roche, Cicely., Challenging the 21st Century Learner:Supporting the development of reasoning competencies, Dublin eLearning Summer School, Dublin DIT, June , 2011, Notes: [Invited speaker], Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Roche, Cicely., Is Irish Pharmacy ready for MURs? , IPU Review, September, 2008, p32 - 35, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Roche, Cicely., Cholesterol testing in Demand? , Counterintelligence online, February, 2008, p4 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED


Award Date
TCD Fellow in Education for Sustainable Development May 2023- current
FHS Visiting Professor Award 2023. Collaboration with Dr Maria Allinson, Keele University: Using creativity in teaching to build resilience in future healthcare professionals (June 2023) 2023
Dean's Innovation in Teaching Award: ePortfolio for experiential reflection: student-led competence assessment. Showcase event May 2023 St James Hospital. Student-led focus groups, Prof Yancey, May-June 2023. [Lead Dr Cicely Roche - Schools of Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry, faculty-student partnership collaboration)] 2022
Dean's Innovation in Teaching Award: Interprofessional education - development of a module suitable as an elective [Lead: Dr Emer McGowan] 2022
FHS Visiting Professor award 2022. Collaboration with Prof Steve Thoma, University of Alabama: The Four Component Model of Moral Functioning - implications for Professional Development (Lecture and meetings, 22nd & 23rd September 2022) September 2022
Teaching Hero Award 2021 [National Forum for the enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education] 2021
Deans Innovation in Teaching Award: eLearning package for development of healthcare student' resilience [Lead applicant Dr Louise Gallagher] 2019
FHS Visiting Professor award 2018 Collaboration with Prof Zubin Austin, University of Toronto: Professional identity: who do you/ they think you/they are? (Two-day masterclass, 20th and 21st June 2019) June 2019
Royal Irish Academy Charlemont Scholar: University of Toronto, May-June 2017 (Sponsor Prof Zubin Austin] 2017
Dean's Teaching Innovation Award, Faculty of Health Sciences: A multidisciplinary approach to moral reasoning competencies development. (Lead: Dr Cicely Roche - Faculty-student partnership) June 2017
Trinity Education Project Fellow [Trinity Education Project] 2016-2017
Provost's teaching award, Trinity College Dublin. 2015
Elected to serve as President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland Oct 2001 & Oct 2002
Roches Pharmacy Gorey won the Excellence Ireland Foundation Mark National Award. (Integrated QA & continuous improvement system.) Sept 2004
Best Conference Paper, Irish Academy of Management (and Best paper in IAM Teaching and Learning strand) 2014
Irish Academy of Management Conference 'Best Poster Presentation Award' [Irish Management Institute (IMI)] 2013
Moral reasoning Competencies Development in Community Pharmacists in Ireland. (PhD thesis). Professional ethics education as proposed in 'Moral Development in the Professions: Psychology and Applied Ethics' (Rest & Narvaez, 1994) incorporates the Four Component Model (FCM) of morality, namely moral sensitivity, reasoning , motivation and implementation, as interactive elements in the development of a professional (Bebeau & Monson, 2008; Bebeau, 2002; Bebeau & Thoma, 1999). Moral reasoning, which reviews the development of moral reasoning competencies, as measured by a psychometric measure known as the DIT2 (Rest et al, 1999a, 1999b), following educational intervention(s) incorporating profession-specific dilemmas, is a key area of interest for both research and teaching/mentoring student development. Research in other professions, e.g. dentistry (Bebeau, 2002) and business (Jones, 2008), indicates that even relatively short profession-specific educational programmes (referred to as an intervention for the purposes of this research) can lead to significant improvements in moral reasoning competencies, especially when the design, development and delivery of the intervention is context-appropriate. The Professional Role Orientation Inventory, a measure of professional Identity formation, has been adapted for the pharmacy profession and is being investigated as a potential tool for use by practicing pharmacists and for evaluation of student development. ePortfolio for experiential learning is a further area of research currently being progressed - with the support of a FHS teaching innovation award Cicely leads a multidisciplinary team, involving students and staff/preceptors in Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry, the project explores how ePortfolio for experiential learning might further address competence assessment challenges in Sophister health professional curriculums.