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Professor Peter Coxon

Fellow Emeritus (Geography)


An early interest in landscape and landscape evolution was fostered by family holidays in Wales and Scotland and honed at school (Eastbourne Grammar School 1966-1973) by A-Level geography and in particular a field trip to Charnwood Forest and a fascination in the contents of G.H.Dury's book "The Face of the Earth". After A-levels I went to Sussex to study Geography in the School of Biological Sciences (1973-1976) where I developed interests in plant physiology and biochemistry but managed to pull back at the last minute and headed into Quaternary geomorphology. After graduating from Sussex I went to the Sub-Department of Quaternary Research in the Botany School at Cambridge to work under Professor R.G.West FRS on the 'Pleistocene environmental history of east Anglia' (1976-1979). It was at Cambridge that I trained as a palynologist and sedimentologist. A lectureship at TCD advertised in 1979 seemed like a good plan. .../
     BIOSTRATIGRAPHY   CLIMATE CHANGE   Earth Science   Earth Sciences for Climate Research   Earth Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Processes   Erosion   FLOODING   Geomorphology   Glacial sedimentology   Glaciology   Irish denudation chronology   Paleontology   Paleontology, Paleoecology   Physiology of flooding tolerance   Quaternary geology/ geomorphology   VEGETATION HISTORY
 Flood/bog flow/landslide mass-movement reconstruction
 Pleistocene biostratigraphy in Ireland

Details Date From Date To
Member of the Quaternary Research Association (QRA) 1977
Member of the Irish Quaternary Association (IQUA) 1979
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Coxon, P. and Hennessy, M. , The Quaternary of Clare Island: Field Guide, Dublin, IQUA, 2019, 1-173pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Coxon, P., Bennett,K.D.B., Dalton, C., Mitchell, F.J.G. and McCarron, S., THE XXTH INQUA CONGRESS Dublin Ireland, 25th-31st July 2019, Quaternary Newsletter, 149, 2019, p39 - 46, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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Coxon, P., Rapid and dramatic climate changes in the Quaternary: glacial-interglacial cycles in the last 2.6 million years, Climate change through geological time, Collins Barracks, Benburb Street, Dublin 7, 3rd December, 2016, Ireland Branch: The Open University Geological Society, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Coxon, P., Clew Bay, Clare Island and Climate: the making of an ice age landscape, Evening Lecture, Westport Coast Hotel, 15 November, 2016, Westport Civic Trust, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
INQUA, XVIII INQUA-Congress, July 21st-27th 2011, In:Quaternary sciences - the view from the mountains, 2011, Bern, Switzerland, Peter Coxon (Chair), Flavio Anselmetti, Cecile Baeteman, Zhongli Ding, Hubertus Fischer, Gary Haynes, Sandy Harrison, Thorsten Kiefer, John Lowe, Ebbe Nielsen, Brad Pillans, Frank Preusser, Ashok Singhvi, Jim Teller and Willy Tinner, Notes: [Author list is Scientific Programme Committee for the Congress, on line abstracts], Meetings /Conferences Organised, PUBLISHED
Mc Carron, S.G., O'Loinsigh, T., and Coxon, P., Preliminary investigations into the Remote Sensing of Landslides in upland Ireland, 15th Irish Environmental Researchers Colloquium, Sligo IT, 2005, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Coxon, P., Mountain Geomorphology, Review of Mountain Geomorphology, by Philip N. Owens and Olav Slaymaker (eds) , The Holocene, 15, (4), 2005, p637-638 , Review, PUBLISHED
Farrell, A. and Coxon,P., N25 Waterford By-pass: Sedimentological and Palaeoenvironmental Investigation of Wetland Area adjacent to Woodstown., Dublin, NRA, 2004, Report, PUBLISHED


Award Date
IQUA Frank Mitchell Award for excellence in research and teaching December 2011
Member Royal Irish Academy (MRIA) 2002
Fellow Trinity College Dublin (FTCD) 1992
Primarily my research interests are critical aspects of Quaternary geomorphology including the use of geomorphological mapping (glacial geology), mass-movements and failures in Quaternary sediments, reconstructing flood events, environmental archaeology, palynological techniques and geomorphology to analyse landscape change and to solve stratigraphical problems in Quaternary and Tertiary deposits. Much of this work has been published and I have an active research profile with projects under way. I have wide experience in the field of geomorphology, in particular glacial and periglacial geomorphology and landforms and sediments using field mapping, sedimentological and remote sensing techniques.