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Dr. Ann Nolan

Assistant Professor (Public Health & Primary Care)

Ann Nolan is Assistant Professor in Global Health and Director of the MSc in Global Health at the Trinity Centre for Global Health (TCGH). She is a technical specialist in HIV and sexual health with research interests in sexual and reproductive health and rights; the transnational dimensions of health; inclusion health, and the regulation of sexuality and other contested policy domains. Ann is a former Executive Director and Chairperson of HIV Ireland Ltd and an advocate for the rights of sexual minorities and people living with HIV. She has led the development of global policy frameworks for adolescents and most-at-risk young people with UNICEF and UNAIDS, and has been an advisor to Ireland's International Development Cooperation programme at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Irish Aid. As team lead for social science research in the Houses of the Oireachtas she supported dialogue and debate with evidence around the Termination of Pregnancy Bill, safe access zones, school-based sex education and good governance for health through the Dáil and Seanad. Ann brings to academia a lengthy professional career that has emphasised the relationship between evidence and policy at national, bilateral and multilateral levels. She was among the first mature-student graduates of the B.A. modular night-degree in University College Dublin in 1991 from which she commenced an MSc in Social Policy funded by the European Commission. She was awarded a Postgraduate Research Studentship by the School of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College, Dublin, to undertake doctoral research in HIV and sexual health in Ireland from which she graduated in 2014.
  ABORTION   Health policy analysis   HIV AND AIDS   relationship and sex education   Reproductive health   Sexuality and sexual health   SOCIAL POLICY
 Engaging Adolescents in Sexual Health Services in Ethiopia (EASE)
 The Political Economy of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in LMICs
 SASA! Raising Voices in South Sudan
 COVID-19 Toolbox for an 'all island' (CONTAIN) project: A cross border analysis in Ireland to disentangle psychological, behavioural, media and Governmental responses to COVID-19
 Period Poverty in Ireland

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Dr Ann Nolan, Dr Samuel Egyeigh, Jeremy Whitty, Dr Mirgissa Kaba, Decolonizing Global Health, Global Health Education Symposium, Virtual, 22nd October, 2021, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the Irish Council of General Practitioners, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
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