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Dr. Alessandro Lunghi

Assistant Professor (Physics)


After a BSc and a MSc in Chemistry, Alessandro was awarded a PhD from the University of Florence, Italy, in 2016. He then moved to the School of Physics at Trinity College Dublin, where he began his postdoc activity in the group of Prof. Sanvito. His research interests lie at the boundary between spin relaxation theory, quantum science, and machine learning for new materials design. In 2020 he was awarded an ERC Starting Grant to pursue his own research vision. Alessandro is now leading a growing research group that works in the development of artificial intelligence methods for the design of new magnetic molecules for quantum technologies. Since February 2021 he holds the positions of Assistant Professor in Physics at Trinity College Dublin and of Funded Investigator at the Amber Research Centre.
Details Date
External examiner for a PhD thesis from the University of Manchester
I served as editor for a special issue in the society-driven journal Magnetochemistry.
PhD thesis reader for the University of Melbourne
I served as an external reviewer for a PhD thesis from the Department of Physics of the University of Parma
Grant application reviewer for the following funding agencies: Labex Nie Strasburg; Czech Science Foundation; Swiss National Science Foundation; Royal Society; USA Department of Energy
Reviewer for the following journals: Proceeding of the National Academy of Science; Science Advances; Nature Chemistry; Nature Communications; npj Computational Materials; npj Quantum Information; Chemical Science; Chemical Communications; Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics; RSC Advances; New Journal of Chemistry; The Journal of the American Chemical Society; The Journal of Physical Chemistry; The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters; Inorganic Chemistry; Advanced Quantum Technology; The Journal of Chemical Physics; Europhysics Letters
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Italian Fluent Fluent Fluent
Spin-Phonon Relaxation in Magnetic Molecules: Theory, Predictions and Insights in, Springer International Publishing, 2023, pp219-289 , [Lunghi, Alessandro], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  DOI
Garlatti, E., Albino, A., Chicco, S., Nguyen, V. H. A., Santanni, F., Paolasini, L., Mazzoli, C., Caciuffo, R., Totti, F., Santini, P., Sessoli, R., Lunghi, A., Carretta, S., The critical role of ultra-low-energy vibrations in the relaxation dynamics of molecular qubits, Nature Communications, 14, (1), 2023, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Mondal, Sourav, Lunghi, Alessandro, Spin-phonon decoherence in solid-state paramagnetic defects from first principles, npj Computational Materials, 9, (1), 2023, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Briganti, Valerio, Lunghi, Alessandro, Efficient generation of stable linear machine-learning force fields with uncertainty-aware active learning, Machine Learning: Science and Technology, 4, (3), 2023, p035005 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Nguyen, Vu Ha Anh, Lunghi, Alessandro, Predicting tensorial molecular properties with equivariant machine learning models, Physical Review B, 105, (16), 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Lunghi A., Toward exact predictions of spin-phonon relaxation times: An ab initio implementation of open quantum systems theory, Science Advances, 8, (31), 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Mondal S., Lunghi A., Unraveling the Contributions to Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Kramers Single-Molecule Magnets, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, (50), 2022, p22965 - 22975, p22965-22975 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Lunghi, A. and Sanvito, S., Computational design of magnetic molecules and their environment using quantum chemistry, machine learning and multiscale simulations, Nature Reviews Chemistry, 2022, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Fabio Santanni, Andrea Albino, Matteo Atzori, Davide Ranieri, Enrico Salvadori, Mario Chiesa, Alessandro Lunghi, Andrea Bencini, Lorenzo Sorace, Federico Totti, Roberta Sessoli, Probing Vibrational Symmetry Effects and Nuclear Spin Economy Principles in Molecular Spin Qubits, Inorganic Chemistry, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Lorenzo Poggini, Alessandro Lunghi, Alberto Collauto, Antonio Barbon, Lidia Armelao, Agnese Magnani, Andrea Caneschi, Federico Totti, Lorenzo Sorace, Matteo Mannini, Chemisorption of nitronyl"nitroxide radicals on gold surface: an assessment of morphology, exchange interaction and decoherence time, Nanoscale, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Award Date
Intel Rising Star Award 2022
ADocMolMag award for the best PhD thesis in molecular magnetism