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Dr. M. Chiara Leva

Visiting Research Fellow (Psychology)

Maria Chiara Leva is a research assistant for the APRG (Aerospace Psychology Research Group) in Trinity College Dublin. She was awarded a PhD in Industrial Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. The main research area of her PhD regarded "Planning and management of human factors for transport systems safety". At the moment she is working on a EU funded project called Virthualis aimed at developing the possible use of Virtual reality within the process industry for Training and other Human Factors and Safety Management applications. Her previous experience started in the International Institute for Applied System Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria studying Human Error Analysis in Industrial Accidents and Safety Management Systems, in relation to the EU Seveso II directive. Subsequently she has been working in four projects involving Human Factors: i.e.IRIS for Westinghouse Electric where she is involved in the Human Reliability Analysis for the Probabilistic Risk Assessment at the design stage of a new Nuclear Power Plant; A European projects Safedor in the maritime Sector; in which she was involved in a Work Package with D'Appolonia Consultancy that aimed at providing a methodological approach for modelling the operator in predicting the probability of collision and grounding events. A further project named PROCOS, concerning the development of a cognitive simulator for assessing human reliability within the Probabilistic safety assessment for the commissioning Phase of an Ammonia Urate Plant. The project was developed in conjunction with the Human Factor Department in the EC Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy and Snamprogetti (a major Engineering and Contracting Company, ENI Group). The DRM Research Project in collaboration with Eurocontrol, Brussels, concerning the evaluation of a Dynamic Risk Model to be applied within the context of Human Reliability Analysis for Air Traffic Management.
  Accident Databases   Accident Investigations   Human & Organisational Factors   Human Error   Human Reliability Analysis   Safety Management Systems
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Details Date From Date To
Member of The Irish Ergonomics Society 16/02/2008
Graduate Memeber of Institute of Occupational Ssafety and Health 15/03/2007
Leva M.C., Naghdali F., Ciarapica Alunni C. , Human Factors Engineering in System Design: A Roadmap for Improvement , Procedia CIRP , 38 , ( ), 2015, p94 - 99 , Notes: [Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Through-life Engineering Services], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Farzad Naghdali*a, M. Chiara Leva, Nora Balfe, Samuel Cromie, Human Factors Engineering at Design Stage: Is There a Need for More Structured Guidelines and Standards?, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 36, 2014, p577 - 582, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Ewan Douglas, Samuel Cromie, M. Chiara Leva, Nora Balfe, Modelling the Reporting Culture within a Modern Organisation, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 36, 2014, p589 - 594, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Samuel Cromie, Paul Liston, Derek Ross, Siobhan Corrigan, Lindita Vani, Darragh Lynch, Solonas Demosthenous, Chiara Leva, Vangelis Demosthenous, Human and Organisational Factors Training as a Risk Management Strategy in an Aviation Maintenance Company, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 33, 2013, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Monferini, A., Konstantinidou, M., Nivolianitou, Z.,Weber, S., Kontogiannis, T., Kafka, P., Kay, A., Leva, C. and Demichela, M,, A compound methodology to assess the impact of human and organizational factors impact on the risk level of hazardous industrial plants , Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 119, 2013, p280 - 289, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Liston, P., Kay, A., Cromie, S., Leva, M.C., D'Cruz, M., Patel, H., Langley, A., Sharples, S., and Aroma, S., Evaluating the iterative development of VR/AR human factors tools for manual work., Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation, 2012, p2208 - 2215, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
P. Clancy, M.C. Leva, V. Hrymak, Michael Sherlock, Safety and/or hazard near miss reporting in an international energy company, Irish Ergonomic Society Annual Conference, Trinity College Dublin, 9 June, 2011, 2011, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Leva, C., Kay, A., Smith T., Diez A., Azpiazu J., Liston, P. and Cromie S., The Use of Augmented Reality to Support Maintenance: Human Factors Issues and Advantages. , Irish Ergonomics Society Annual Conference , June 2011, 2011, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Liston, P., Cromie, S., Leva, C., Helin, K., D'Cruz, M., ManuVAR Training: Supporting the Implementation and Design of VR/AR Quality-improvement Tools for Manual Handling, Proc. of the 3rd International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics AHFE2010, Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics - AHFE , Florida, USA, 2010, AHFE, 2010, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Leva, C.; Liston, P.; Kay, A.; Cromie, S.; Krassi, B; Aromaa, S, Human Factors Methods in ManuVAR: A Contribution to Go beyond Leand and Agile Approaches , Proceedings Irish Ergonomics Society Annual Conference 2010, Irish Ergonomics Society Annual Conference 2010, Limerick, Oct. 2010, ISSN 1649-2102, 2010, pp17 - 26, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  URL

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. Human Reliability Analysis . Accident investigations and Accident Databases . Safety management systems in the Process industry . Human factors auditing