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Dr. Kristin Hadfield

Assistant Professor (Psychology)

Dr. Kristin Hadfield is an Assistant Professor in the School of Psychology and the Trinity Centre for Global Health. Dr Hadfield completed her PhD in psychology at Trinity College Dublin in 2015. Following this, she worked as a visiting research specialist in the Department of Health Systems Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago (2014-2015), a postdoctoral research fellow at the Resilience Research Centre at Dalhousie University (2015-2017), and as an assistant professor of positive psychology at Queen Mary University of London (2017-2020). Dr Hadfield's research focuses on how the resilience, wellbeing, and mental health of young people can best be promoted. She is interested in what makes children and adolescents thrive when faced with adverse or challenging contexts. To this end, she has been involved with and led longitudinal studies and with projects conducting evaluations of educational, psychosocial, and positive psychology-based interventions in multiple countries. Her projects use a multi-method approach to examine changes at multiple levels (psychological, physiological, cognitive, etc). She is interested in proximal influences on development (family, school, etc) but also in more distal factors, such as how community cohesion, healthcare provision, pollution exposure, access to green space, and experiences of climate changes influence young people's mental health and wellbeing. To examine the above, she focuses on effective measurement and in methodological innovations. This has included the adaptation and validation of a number of questionnaires, the use of cognitive and behavioural tasks, a focus on adolescent participation in health research and how this can best be promoted, and participatory engagement with youth co-researchers.
  CHILD DEVELOPMENT   Children/Youth   FAMILY   Global Mental Health   Humanitarianism   RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS   Refugees   resilience   Risk and resilience   Wellbeing
 Family Intervention for Empowerment through Reading and Education (FIERCE)
 Improving mental health, wellbeing, and resilience of healthcare workers in changing environments (APOLLO)
 Understanding and measuring pregnancy-related anxiety in low- and middle-income contexts: A pilot study in northern Ghana
 Developing a conceptual framework for climate attitudes
 Effects of early childhood trauma on the development of healthy interpersonal skills

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Award Date
IRC Research Ally 2023 December 2023