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Professor Frank Barry

Chair-International Business & Developmt (Trinity Business School)

Frank Barry is Professor of International Business & Economic Development at the Trinity Business School. He has held positions at the Universities of Stockholm, California and New South Wales, and with the Harvard Institute for International Development. He has acted as a consultant for the World Bank, the European Commission, the African Economic Research Consortium, and various Irish and UK government agencies. His current research interests are in the fields of foreign direct investment and economic and business history.
  Business history   Developing Countries   Economic Development   Economic History   Foreign Direct Investment   Foreign Direct Investment & Corporation Tax Matters   International Trade and Economic Geography   Irish Economy (Long-term issues)   Macroeconomics   The Irish Economy
 Turning Globalization to National Advantage: Economic Policy Lessons from Ireland's Experience
 Policy Coherence for Development
 European Union TMR Award
 European Union RTD Award
 Marie Curie Training Site status awarded to UCD International Economics group

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Details Date
Member of Royal Irish Academy advisory committee on research project on the Great Industrial Exhibition held in Dublin in 1853. 2021
Member of advisory committee to Department of Finance research project 2021
Capital Flight from Africa: Causes, Effects and Policy Issues 2015
Economic Research Institute of Northern Ireland (Implications for Northern Ireland of adopting the Irish Rate of Corporation Tax) 2006
Policy Coherence for Development 2011
Enterprise Ireland (Implications of Outward Direct Investment) 2006
Turning Globalization to National Advantage 2011
Consultant to World Bank on Regional Development Strategy for Kazakhstan 2006
Consultant to World Bank on Governance and Policy Consistency: Lessons for East Asia from Best-Practice Countries 2005
Consultant to World Bank and UK Department for International Development on European Union Regional Aid and Irish Economic Development 2005
Lead Consultant, FIAS/World Bank project on the development of MNC linkages in the Philippines 2004-05
Guest Editor, World Economy, special issue on "Enlargement and the EU Periphery" 2004
Guest Editor, Journal of Common Market Studies, special issue on "EMU and Cohesion", December 2003
Member of the Competitiveness Advisory Group and occasional member of the Foreign Investment Advisory Group reporting to the Enterprise Strategy Group (Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment) Autumn 2003
Member, ad hoc group organised by the Department of the Taoiseach to advise on promotion of the Lisbon Agenda during Ireland's EU Presidency Autumn 2003
Editor, Economic and Social Review 1997-2001
Consultant, European Commission Technical Assistance Mission to Laos, (Euro-TAL ASEAN Support Project), Vientiane, Lao PDR Jan-Feb 2001
Team participant on Forfás-funded project: A Review of the Economic Appraisal System for Projects Seeking Support from the Industrial Development Agencies 2000
Lead Consultant to the National Competitiveness Council, tasked with establishing the economic consequences for Ireland of the May 2004 enlargement of the EU 2002
Irish Coordinator of EU-funded RTD Project on Labour Market Effects of Foreign Investment in Europe 2000-2002
Team Leader on EU-funded TMR Programme on Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational Corporation: New Theories and Evidence 1998-2002
Main Contractor [with teams from ESRI (Dublin), Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia] on report to the EU Commission on Transition and Cohesion Spring 1999
Consultant to Northern Ireland Economic Council on Regional Implications of EMU 1998
Evaluator for the EU Commission on the Phare ACE funding programme for Central and Eastern Europe, Brussels 1995-1997
Main Contractor [with teams from ESRI (Dublin), Portugal and Spain] on report to the EU Commission on The Impact of the Single European Market on the EU Periphery Autumn 1995
Consultant to Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce on Trade Policy and Industrialisation Strategy August 1994
Joint Coordinator of Economics Workshop for Permanent Secretaries of the Zambian Civil Service, on contract with the Institute of Public Administration, Dublin. May 1990
Consultant to National Economic and Social Council (Dublin) on Irish Unemployment 1989-1990
Member of Research and Advisory Committee for TRÓCAIRE (International Development NGO) 1988-2003
Details Date From Date To
Member of the Royal Irish Academy 2021
Frank Barry, "Business Establishment Opposition to Southern Ireland's Exit from the United Kingdom", , Enterprise and Society, 2021, p1 - 35, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Eoin Drea and Frank Barry, "A Reappraisal of Joseph Brennan and the Achievements of Irish Banking and Currency Policy 1922-43" , Financial History Review, 28, (1), 2021, p45 - 66, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
The Southern Unionist Business Community and the Economics of Home Rule and Secession in, editor(s)B. Hughes and C. Morrissey , Southern Irish Loyalism, 1912-1949, Liverpool, Liverpool University Press, 2020, pp95-114 , [Frank Barry], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Frank Barry and James Kennedy, An Assessment of R&D tax credits and their role towards innovation in Irish industry, Irish Journal of Management, 39, (1), 2020, p34-46 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Frank Barry, Xiaolu Sun and Benn F. Hogan, Brexit Damage Limitation: Tariff-Jumping FDI and the Irish Agri-Food Sector, Irish Journal of Management, 39, (1), 2020, p61-74 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
The Life and Death of Protestant Businesses in Independent Ireland in, I. d'Alton and I. Milne , Protestant and Irish: the Minority's Search for Place in Independent Ireland, Cork, Cork University Press, 2019, pp155 - 170, [Frank Barry], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Barry, F, "Ireland and the changing global foreign direct investment landscape", Administration, 67, (3), 2019, p93-110 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Barry, F., and A. Devlin, "Protection versus Free Trade in the Free State Era: The Finance Attitude", Irish Economic and Social History, 46, (1), 2019, p3-21 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Barry, F, "Aggressive Tax Planning Practices and Inward-FDI Implications for Ireland of the New US Corporate Tax Regime", Economic and Social Review, 50, (2), 2019, p325-340 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Barry, F., and C. O'Mahony, "Pitfalls in the Use of Foreign Direct Investment Statistics", World Economy, 42, 2019, p2835-2853 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Barry, Frank, Barry Project: Firm-Level Data on Irish Industrial History, Trinity College Dublin, 2023, Dataset, PUBLISHED
Frank Barry, The Leading Manufacturing Firms in 1920s Dublin, Dublin Historical Record, 71, (1), 2018, p7-15 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Business in, editor(s)W. Roche, P. O'Connell and A. Prothero , Austerity and Recovery in Ireland: Europe's Poster Child and the Great Recession, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2017, pp62-84 , [Frank Barry and Adele Bergin], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Barry, Frank; Bergin, Adele, Offshoring, Inward Investment and Export Performance in Ireland, 2012, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
McDermott, Thomas K. J.; Barry, Frank; Tol, Richard S. J., Disasters and Development: Natural Disasters, Credit Constraints and Economic Growth, 2011, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Learning Lessons from Ireland's Economic Development in, editor(s)T. Boylan, R. Prendergast and J. Turner , A History of Irish Economic Thought, London and New York, Routledge, 2010, pp310-330 , [Frank Barry], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Politics and Economic Policymaking in Ireland in, editor(s)J. Hogan, P. Donnelly and B. O'Rourke , Irish Business and Society: Governing, Participating and Transforming in the 21st Century, Dublin, Oak Tree Press, 2010, 28-43 , [Frank Barry], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
The Irish Pharmaceutical Industry over the Boom Period and Beyond in, editor(s)P. Kirby and P. Carmody , The Legacy of Ireland's Economic Expansion: Geographies of the Celtic Tiger, Oxford, Routledge, 2010, pp22 - 43, [Frank Barry and Chris van Egeraat], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Frank Barry, Comment on Structural Economic Change in Ireland 1957-2006: Statistics, Context and Analysis, by Patrick Quill and Paddy Teahon, Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, XXXIX, 2010, p140 - 142, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Frank Barry, Public Policy Advice and the Marketplace for Ideas, Public Affairs Ireland Journal, 65, 2010, p16 - 17, Journal Article, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Elected to membership of Royal Irish Academy 2021
TBS teaching awards various years
President's Research Fellowship (UCD) 2005-06
Ireland Canada University Foundation Scholarship 2001
Government of Ireland Senior Research Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences June 2001
International Trade, Economic Geography and Foreign Direct Investment; Macroeconomics; Economic Development; the Irish Economy; Economic and Business History.