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Dr. Clare Kelly

Associate Professor (Psychology)

Associate Professor (Psychiatry)
Associate Professor (Trinity Inst. of Neurosciences (TCIN))

I received my BA in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin in 2002. Shortly after graduating, I joined the lab of Hugh Garavan, PhD, and began to use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to non-invasively assess human brain structure and function. My doctoral research used fMRI to examine cognitive control processes, individual differences, and practice effects in healthy adults, and in 2006 I graduated from Trinity College with a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Upon completion of my PhD, I joined the research group of Drs. F. Xavier Castellanos and Michael P. Milham at the New York University Child Study Center, first as a Postdoctoral Fellow, then as an Associate Research Scientist, and ultimately as an Assistant Professor. Since that time, my research has focused on the development, validation, and application of frontier brain imaging approaches to ascertain the functional and structural architecture of the brain in healthy, developing, and disordered human populations.

In January of 2015, I returned to Trinity College to become an Ussher Assistant Professor of Functional Neuroimaging, working at Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience (TCIN), with a joint appointment in the School of Psychology and Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine. Here at TCD, my lab continues to forge a research mission aimed at elucidating the neurodevelopmental bases of psychiatric disorders through the application and refinement of frontier functional and structural neuroimaging methods. My research vision is to trace the roots of mental health difficulties in the developing brain, so that we can identify at-risk individuals at the earliest possible point and intervene to divert their developmental trajectory away from illness towards health.

My Google Scholar Author Profile is available here:
  CHILD DEVELOPMENT   Cognitive Neuroscience   FMRI   Functional neuroimaging   Neuroimaging methods
Details Date
Ad-hoc manuscript reviewer for Neuron; The Journal of Neuroscience, Cerebral Cortex; NeuroImage; Cortex; Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience; Human Brain Mapping; American Journal of Psychiatry; JAMA Psychiatry; Proceedings of the National Academy of Science; European Journal of Neuroscience; Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines; Journal of Affective Disorders; PLoS ONE; Neuroscience Letters; Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 2005-present
Details Date From Date To
Organization for Human Brain Mapping 2003
Society for Neuroscience 2007
Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2004 2012
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Award Date
Entrance Exhibition October 1997
Trinity Scholar April 2000
Gold Medal December 2002
Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) Travel Fellow June 2007
Editor's Choice Award, NeuroImage: Anatomy and Physiology Section. Awarded for the paper: Mennes, Kelly, Zuo, Di Martino, Biswal, Castellanos & Milham (2010). Inter-Individual Differences in Resting State Functional Connectivity Predict Task-Induced BOLD Activity. NeuroImage. 50(4):1690-701 June 2010
NeuroImage: One of the Top Ten Cited Articles of 2008. Awarded for the paper: Kelly, Uddin, Biswal, Castellanos & Milham (2008). Competition between functional brain networks mediates behavioral variability. NeuroImage. 39:527-537 June 2010
Editor's Choice Award, NeuroImage: Anatomy and Physiology Section. Awarded for the paper: Kelly, Toro, Di Martino, Cox, Castellanos, Milham (2012). Convergent functional architecture of the insula emerges across imaging modalities. NeuroImage 31(4); 1129-1142 June 2012
- Developing, validating, and applying frontier brain imaging approaches to map typical and atypical development of the brain's functional and structural architectures, so that we can understand where, when, and how development can go awry. - Understanding brain-behaviour relationships - how interindividual differences in brain structure and function produce interindividual differences in behaviour. I am particularly interested in higher order cognitive functions such as working memory and attentional control, as well as in motivational functions related to learning and reward processing. - Identifying and characterising dysfunctional brain organisation and brain dysconnectivity in clinical populations such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), mood disorders, and substance use and addiction. - Understanding the impact of early life experience on brain function, behaviour, and long-term mental health outcomes.