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Professor John Fitzgerald

Adjunct Professor (Economics)


Adjunct Professor (Sch Office Social Sciences & Philosophy)

FitzGerald, John, The New EU Governance Arrangements, Revue de l'OFCE, 132, (April), 2014, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL  URL
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FitzGerald, John, Ireland's Recovery from Crisis, CESifo Forum, 15, (2), 2014, p8 - 13, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
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Byrne, David; Duffy, David; FitzGerald, John, Household Formation and Tenure Choice, 2014, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
John FitzGerald, The Distribution of Income and the Public Finances, 2014, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
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Two Recessions and a Boom: Where Next for Ireland? in, editor(s)Huber, Werner; Mayer, Sandra; Novak, Julia , Ireland in/and Europe: Cross-Currents and Exchanges [Irish Studies in Europe, Vol 4], Trier, WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2013, pp173 - 188, [FitzGerald, John], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
FitzGerald, John, Financial Crisis, Economic Adjustment and a Return to Growth in the EU, Revue de l'OFCE, 127, 2013, p277 - 302, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Deane,Paul; FitzGerald,John; Malaguzzi Valeri,Laura; Tuohy,Aidan; Walsh,Darragh, Irish and British Historical Electricity Prices and Implications for the Future, 2013, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
Bergin, Adele; Confrey, Thomas; FitzGerald, John; nuderl, Nu a , The HERMES-13 Macroeconomic Model of the Irish Economy, 2013, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
FitzGerald,John; Znuderl,Nusa; Duffy,David; CASE (Poland);CPB (Netherlands);DIW Berlin (Germany);ETLA (Finland);The Kiel Institute for the World Economy (Germany);NIESR (United Kingdom);OFCE (France);PROMETEIA (Italy);WIFO (Austria), Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Winter 2011/2012 Report, ESRI, EUROFRAME - European Forecasting Network, Europe, 2012, Report, PUBLISHED
FitzGerald, John, To Convergence and Beyond? Human Capital, Economic Adjustment and a Return to Growth, 2012, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
FitzGerald, John, Irish Government Debt and Implied Debt Dynamics: 2011-2015, Quarterly Economic Commentary, Autumn 2011, 2011, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Barrell, Ray; FitzGerald, John, The Banking Sector and Recovery in the EU Economy, 2011, -, Notes: [ESRI Research Bulletin 2011/02/02 ], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
FitzGerald, John, Light at the End of Tunnel, 2011, -, Notes: [Sunday Business Post, 28 August 2011], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Conefrey, Thomas; FitzGerald, John, The Macro-economic Impact of Changing the Rate of Corporation Tax, 2011, -, Notes: [ESRI Research Bulletin 2011/02/01 ], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Devitt, Conor; Diffney, Sean; FitzGerald, John; Malaguzzi-Valeri, Laura; Tuohy, Aidan, Goldilocks and the Three Electricity Prices: Are Irish Prices "Just Right"?, 2011, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
FitzGerald, John, The Irish Economy Today: Albatross or Phoenix?, 2011, Working Paper, PUBLISHED


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