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Dr. John Walsh

Associate Professor (Pharmacy)

 Development of Dual Inhibitors of Tumour Angiogenesis/Vasculature
 Pre-clinical Development of Novel Anti-allergic Compounds
 Design of Tumour Homing Vasculature Targeting Agents
 Design of Hybrid-based Tumour Homing Anti-angiogenesis Agents
 Studies on Novel Mast Cell Stabilising Compounds

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Details Date From Date To
Phytochemical Society of Europe 1998 to date
European Histamine Research Society 2002 to date
Zhang T, Finn D.F, Barlow J.W, Walsh J.J, Mast cell stabilisers, European Journal of Pharmacology, 778, 2016, p158 - 168, Notes: [Cited By :8 Export Date: 27 January 2017], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Egan M, Connors E.M, Anwar Z, Walsh J.J, Nature's Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Studies on the Isolation of (-)-Menthol from Peppermint Oil and Its Conversion to (-)-Menthyl Acetate, Journal of Chemical Education, 92, (10), 2015, p1736 - 1740, Notes: [Export Date: 27 January 2017], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Linker technologies and release mechanisms for antibody-drug conjugates in, editor(s)Professor Norbert Sewald , Optimizing antibody-drug conjugates for targeted delivery of therapeutics, Future press, 2014, pp1 - 15, [John J. Walsh and Gary D. Stack [Accepted 22-01-2014], Book Chapter, ACCEPTED
Bopha Chrea, Juliette A. O'Connell, Orlando Silkstone-Carter, John O'Brien, and John J. Walsh, Nature's Antidepressant for Mild to Moderate Depression: Isolation and Spectral Characterization of Hyperforin from a Standardized Extract of St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum), Journal of Chemical Education, 91, (3), 2014, p440 - 442, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Paul Matthew O'Byrne, Robert Williams, John J. Walsh, John Gilmer, Synthesis, screening and pharmacokinetic evaluation of potential prodrugs of bupropion, Pharmaceuticals, 7, (5), 2014, p595 - 620, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Paul Matthew O'Byrne, Robert Williams, John J. Walsh, John Gilmer, Part Two: Evaluation of N-methylbupropion as a Potential Bupropion Prodrug, Pharmaceuticals, 7, (6), 2014, p676 - 694, Notes: [Accepted 20-05-2014], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Prokopiou, E.M., Ryder, S.A., Walsh, J.J., Tumour vasculature targeting agents in hybrid/conjugate drugs, Angiogenesis, 16, (3), 2013, p503-524 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Finn, D.F., Walsh, J.J., Twenty-first century mast cell stabilizers, British Journal of Pharmacology, 170, (1), 2013, p23-37 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Prokopiou EM, Ryder SA, Walsh JJ, Tumour vasculature targeting agents in hybrid/conjugate drugs., Angiogenesis, 16, (3), 2013, p503 - 524, Notes: [PMID: 23543223], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL  URL  URL
Gary D. Stack and John J. Walsh, Optimising the Delivery of Tubulin Targeting Agents through Antibody Conjugation., Pharmaceutical Research, 29, (11), 2012, p2972 - 2984, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL

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CG Clerkin, M Matzinger, MA Selo, BN Talbot, JJ Walsh, C Ehrhardt, Nucleophilic substitution reactions of ergothioneine might be a novel xenobiotic deactivation mechanism, 32nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics, Tokyo, Japan, 29/11-01/12/2017, 2017, Oral Presentation, PRESENTED
C Ehrhardt, S Nickel, MA Selo, CG Clerkin, JJ Salomon, B Talbot, JJ Walsh, OCTN1-mediated ergothioneine uptake protects lung epithelial cells from tobacco smoke-induced damage, FASEB J, Experimental Biology Meeting 2015, Boston, MA, 28/03-01/04/2015, 29, 2015, pp970.7 , Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Henkel Award (Organic Chemistry)
Drug discovery, Assay development, Tumour Angiogenesis, Tumour Vasculature, Endothelial cells, Tubulin, Proteases, Integrins, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Allergies, Mast cells, Basophils, Histamine, Malaria, Natural Products, Herbal Medicinal Products. Research students supervised: PhD graduates: Dr James Barlow (Jan 2003); Dr Emmet McCormack (Apr 2003); Dr Richard Shah (Apr 2003); Dr Adam Byrne (Jun 2007); Dr Gillian Hudson (Jun 2007); Dr Martina White (Sept 2008); Dr Tao Zhang (February 2010); Dr Orla Woods, (December 2010); Dr Paul O'Byrne (Conjoint with JG), (December 2010); Dr Deirdre Finn, (October 2011), Dr Elaine Breen (December 2012), Dr Ekatherine Prokopiou (Conjoint with SR) (January 2013), Dr Gary Stack (July 2013), Dr Adrian Coogan (August 2013). MSc students supervised: Sharon Butterly Jun 1998 (Conjoint with NF); Aengus McHugh (Apr 2007); William Casey, (November 2010); Miriam Holohan (October 2011).